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Pregnancy Specialist

Pregnancy is a joyous time, but it’s also one of the busiest times of a woman’s life. Dr. Hans Yu, at the Yu Medical Group in Bakersfield, California, is here to assist patients through all stages of their pregnancy, including general health care, prenatal check-ups, wellness support during pregnancy, and delivery of the new baby.


Pregnancy Q & A

When should a woman have Ob/Gyn visits during her pregnancy?

As soon as a woman suspects she’s pregnant, a visit with Dr. Yu should be arranged. A pregnancy test can be performed to officially confirm the pregnancy, and prenatal care can begin right away.

  • During weeks four through 28, patients will generally have one visit every month.
  • From weeks 28-36, the prenatal visits will generally be scheduled every two weeks.
  • Once a woman reaches the 36th week of her pregnancy, she should see Dr. Yu once a week until the delivery.
  • High risk pregnancies and special needs pregnancies may require more frequent visits.

What type of changes are normal during pregnancy?

In the early and middle parts of a pregnancy, many women experience various changes. These changes may include:

  •  Weight gain
  •  Increased urination
  •  Nausea
  •  Vomiting
  •  Fatigue
  •  Sore breasts
  •  Back pain
  •  Sleeplessness
  •  Mood swings

As pregnancy enters its final stages, most women also experience:

  • Breast growth
  • Stretch marks
  • Shortness of breath

Some women experience hemorrhoids during pregnancy, as well.

What are danger signs during a pregnancy?

Some potential danger signs during a pregnancy include:

  •  Bleeding
  •  Major headaches
  •  Vision blurriness or other vision issues
  •  Pain while urinating and other problems with urination
  •  A burning sensation in the lower back or abdomen
  •  Painful cramps that last for an extended period
  •  Dizziness
  •  Temperatures over 101 degrees
  •  Absence of fetal movement

If patients have any doubt at all about whether a symptom is serious, they should call the Yu Medical Group for guidance right away.

How much weight should a woman gain while pregnant?

This varies according to the specific patient. Most women need to gain 25-35 pounds during their pregnancy, but gaining the weight by eating healthy foods is important. Junk food won’t nourish either mom or baby, but an occasional splurge is usually fine.

What type of medicine is allowed during pregnancy?

This is addressed on a case by case basis. Dr. Yu may prescribe medications to help with specific issues like nausea and vomiting, but supplements are usually recommended to make sure that the mom and baby get all the nutrients they need. Generally, Tylenol is permitted for pain relief. If there’s any question about whether a medication is safe during pregnancy, simply call the Yu Medical Group for guidance.

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