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SculpSure® is the first laser treatment for non-invasive fat removal to gain FDA clearance. This state of the art system can help Bakersfield, California residents take control of their bodies again. Stubborn fat deposits that remain even with exercise and dieting, can be melted away with no downtime at all. Dr. Hans Yu treats patients who want to avoid surgery at Yu Medical Group, with this effective and impressive fat removal treatment.


SculpSure Q & A

What is SculpSure?

SculpSure is a state of the art body contouring system made by Cynosure. It was the first non-invasive fat removal system to gain FDA clearance.

What areas can SculpSure be used in?

SculpSure is approved for fat reduction in both the abdomen and flank areas. It can also be used in other areas with stubborn fat deposits, including the outer thighs, the inner thighs, the “bat wings” on the arms, and in most other areas that have resistant fat deposits.

How does SculpSure work?

SculpSure employs laser power to destroy fat cells permanently, without using any incisions or anesthesia. The laser light is delivered through a set of four treatment applicators that are affixed directly to the skin. As the light targets the fat cells, they get damaged. That results in a release of the cell contents and destruction of the fat cells. The newly liquefied fat will gradually exit the body naturally.

How long does it take to get results from SculpSure?

The SculpSure treatment process takes just 25 minutes per treatment area. Most patients are able to see some results as early as six weeks post treatment. The optimal benefit is usually observed at about the 12 week mark. SculpSure patients will see as much as a 24% reduction in the amount of fat in the treated area. Further treatments can allow for even greater fat reduction benefits.

Who is a good SculpSure candidate?

SculpSure is designed for use in people who are at — or quite close to — their ideal weight. Anyone who has problem areas such as a “muffin top,” even after they’ve worked hard to lose it, may be a good SculpSure candidate. This type of treatment is ideally suited for people who have exercised and followed a healthy eating plan in the past and plan to do so in the future.

How much downtime is needed after SculpSure treatment?

One of the major advantages of SculpSure is that unlike surgical liposuction, it requires no downtime. SculpSure treatments can be done in under half an hour and patients can get right back to their daily routine as soon as their treatment is done.

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